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Cancer Update!! #1

Just giving you all the latest news about my breast cancer treatment. I learned earlier this week that I will be having surgery on October 29.

I will be having a bilateral mastectomy (double mastectomy) to remove the cancer still in my right breast. I am doing a double mastectomy for peace of mind and because the tissue in my left breast is similar to the right and therefore I would have to continue monitoring it. I don't think I want to go through that again!

I will also do a lymph node dissection. Dr. Roberts will take 2 of the 3 layers of lymph nodes since cancer cells were found in the sentinel lobe.

I am doing a hysterectomy. This is to help my hormone therapy. For the hormone therapy I need to be post menopausal and the fastest way to do that is to have the surgery. I could take shots to shut down the ovaries but that could take months to accomplish the task. Right now I am of the mind to get this thing over with!!

I will do reconstructive surgery after the mastectomy. I am vague on this right now as I have not had my meeting with my plastic surgeon. I meet with her on Tuesday so I will know more then.

It would be safe to say that I am nervous about all of this but I can say positively that I am ready to be cancer free! I am going to enjoy my first true experience with Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October but after this, I want to be a survivor!

Thank you all for the many blessings and prayers you have said for me. I am truly blessed to have so many people out there who care for me.

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