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Wonderful Weekend

We had one of those wonderfully wild weekends where you do a lot of stuff and come home exhausted!

First we had my dr appt with the gynocologist. He told me that since I can't have hormones after surgery that I will immediately start having hot flashes and not be able to sleep well... and who knows about the cranky side? Not what I was hoping to hear.

Then we drove to Marceline, which typically takes 2 hours but took almost 3 and a half due to the dogs throwing up in the car. We made it to Marceline in time for the halftime show and seeing the crowning of the queen and we watched the last half of the game in the freezing cold. It was fun!

Outside the Marceline Football Field

Then we headed to Wien. This was the weekend where we cleaned out Jake and Amos' closets and gave their clothing to the local Share and Care.

A fashion show from the boxes in the basement... Master Mix!

Bob and Gary kept what they wanted and boxed up everything else. That night we went to the Pear Tree in Bevier to celebrate Irene's birthday. What a wonderful meal!

Happy birthday, Irene!

On Sunday we cleaned out part of the basement, one half day saw about 2 shelves cleaned off (out of about 100 that we need to do). We had a wonderful lunch of Irene's meatloaf and fried fish. We packed up our car and headed home but not before we stopped at one of our favorite shops, The Randolph Mercantile. We love that store!

Arrived home tired but Bob bbqed chicken for us that was totally juicy and wonderful while I attended the visitation for Craig Hendrickson. This young man has battled cancer for two years and passed away. His wife, Gwendolyn, is one of my teachers.

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