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Winter Moon

Shot this photo while walking the dogs early on Sunday morning. Not that I usually walk the dogs at all... but I snored so much the night before that poor Bob ended up on the couch. So I snuck the dogs out so he could sleep in. There is always a blessing in doing a good deed, and here was mine... seeing this winter moon!

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  1. My husband was so upset that we didn't have his camera with us Sat. night when we saw that beautiful moon. We were on The Square eating at Cafe 'Verona and when we left (it was nearly 10 PM) it was AMAZING. . . .everything was coated with snow, no tire tracks, almost no cars cept us, and that wonderful moon flooding the place with its light. Truly an event that rarely happens. I'm so glad you had your camera and captured that moment early Sun. morning.

    Hope you have a great week! Dana

  2. Terri, that moon is gorgeous! I love standing at the window and staring at the moon....magical!

    Your header is divine....those chocolate covered strawberries are so yummy looking.

    Keeping you in much prayer....you come to my heart several times a day.

    Love, Barb ♥

  3. Blue Moon .... I saw you standing alone .... (oh well the lyrics go something like that!)

  4. SO very lovely!

    Brrr....I am relating to the discomfort of walking the dogs. We are doing a lot of that of late.

    Seeing God's Creation at odd hours does help to make it enjoyable.


    Becky K.

  5. Beautiful shots of the moon. I was out with John last night at the end of the drive getting some shots of old "Wolf" moon...supposedly the "largest" of the year. Mine didn't come out as nicely as yours! Love your blog all decorated for February, too.

  6. I am hoping that all is well...as you prepare the holiday of LOVE :) I see your blog is ready!!

    Very Cute (SMILES)
    What a divine image! :)

  7. I think you should have the second photo enlarged and framed... gorgeous!

  8. I love that little blush of pink on the horizon behind the silhouetted branches. A lovely photo Terri.


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