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Bob surprised me with a Wii so that I could get some movement into my life! We played the basic games over the weekend but what we really want is a Wii Fit! I know I will feel a lot less self conscience about by growing chest if I could exercise more at home! We did buy JUST DANCE and I cannot wait to get the ok to do that one. Ashley did it on Saturday between Olympic games! She made it look like so much fun and I think she got a decent cardio workout, too!

Thank you Bob!

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  1. I've wondered how these would be. My youngest daughter has wii fit. She had stomach surgery, for weight loss, in November and is using the wii fit, to get into shape. She's done great with the surgery and wt loss. She had tried everything to no avail. Was having some health issues, so made the decision to have it done. Lots of counseling and tests to go through, before surgery, but she did great and continues to do great. Well that was a long comment, just to talk about wii!:-)

  2. Terri...that looks like so much fun! I'm so glad you came through your surgery so well! HUGS!!!

  3. He's a keeper. Dance baby dance! When you can!

  4. Everyone I know who has a Wii is having a blast with them. Hope that you get the green light soon. Your hubby is a sweetie pie or did he just want to golf? ;>


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