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Kitchen and Herb Garden 2010

For the longest time Bob and I grew herbs in pots. We replanted them every year and really looked forward to it. We love dill on eggs and cilantro in salads. Oregano is good in jarred pizza sauce and really freshens it up.

When we moved to this house in 2002, Bob put in a patio since the house didn't have a deck and the back porch was so tiny. Then he surrounded the patio with raised beds. We have put our herbs in this bed since.

pretty gerbera daisies with horseradish and sage...

something new! upside down tomatoes and herbs...

basil and rosemary....

our annual mint... notice how it has its own bed!

cilantro and flat leaf parsley.

This garden will flourish and grow big and fragrant. We will sit out on our patio and enjoy the scents.

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  1. Love the garden! I don't have a green thumb, so I have to live vicariously through friends and bloggers like you! :)

  2. Hi Terri! I love the cheery pinkness in your blog....and so enjoyed catching up on your recent posts!! Your herb beds look great....and it was so smart to contain that pesky mint! I love mint, but it can take over! I haven't planted a thing..you are putting me in the mood (sorta :).

    Glad to read about the reconstruction process and just laughed out loud over your reference to Hans and Franz. You have a lot of spunk! I also saved your link to your recipe blog...that's a terrific way to share your family favorites.

    Hope you're having a terrific weekend!! L, Dana

  3. Oh Terri, this is just lovely. I am intriqued with growing horseradish. I want to look into that to see if we can do it here!

  4. I love the upside down tomato/herb thing you have going there!

  5. The raised beds next to your patio are a great idea!
    You can find cheese ladies on e-bay too. So you might be able to find your perfect expression on your computer. :-) Although I do recommend a visit to the store in Leavenworth, because it is just so amazing and they carry so many other beautiful pieces. There is a quilt store next door, if you enjoy that sort of thing. And there are a couple of antique places in town too, so you can turn it into a whole day of fun shopping!

  6. I'm happy I found your Blog I love to grow herbs and roses but I love in Fl and find the weather a bit hard epically on roses can you gice any advise


  7. Mint sure needs its own bed...that stuff just takes over everything!!! But oh how delish it is!!! There is nothing better than fresh herbs!!! I love how you and Bob have yours surrounding your patio! GREAT idea!!!

  8. Very nice Terri! I love the raised beds, they always look so neat and tidy. Enjoy!

  9. Oh yes you will! I'm still growing most herbs in pots except for the chives. I've been watching a baby groundhog (about the size of a large squirrel) investigating the lilies this morning. It's one of the reasons I grow herbs since wildlife doesn't seem to enjoy them so well.

  10. Lovely...and so inspiring! Your posts are nudging me to pick up my gardening pace!
    Good thoughts to you!


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