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Fashion Friday

Ashley at A Hasty Life hosts this little gathering (basically me and her!) of folks who have determined that what we wear has lent itself into our memories, much the same way people attach themselves to music or food.

This week I am going to discuss this little number I wore in 1975. I made this dress with fabric from Murray's, one of those delightful small town stores that sold clothes, shoes, linens and many other delights, including fabric. I had purchased the pattern somewhere and decided that I wanted to make my dress to the Winter Dance.

The fabric is a knit with a knobby feel. It was rather clingy and felt good on my skin. I made the dress with help from my High School home ec teacher, Cindy Hoover. I remember having some trouble with the sleeves, getting them just right!

I remember being very proud of my creation! I remember thinking I didn't feel like I had on a homemade dress. I can recall thinking I was like a designer wearing her own creation to the ball.

The cameo was my grandmother Holt's.  I still have it and wear it.  Even though my hair isn't as long as it is in this photo, I still wear it like that (minus the ribbon, but I might start that up again!)

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