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Race for the Cure

Bob and I at our first Susan G Komen Race for the Cure!
Today was the 5K Race to the Cure, Susan G Komen race. It was my first Race but I know it won't be my last. It is very powerful to be around people who are long term survivors of breast cancer.

 The vendor booths were great!  I saw my oncologist and her cancer center and got a cute pink bag.  We bought several souvenirs from the Susan G Komen foundation.  Their stuff was so cute!   Gerbes was passing out water and granola bars, there was yogurt being given away and there were all kinds of chips, all bearing the Susan G. Kormen signature running ribbon.

The survivor's tent was awesome.  There was wonderful food, giveaways and things to do.  Whomever was in charge of it did a fabulous job!

The survivor lap started at the survivor tent.  We all had pink balloons and dark pink t shirts on.  We were lead by women who were 20 + years survivors.  Their histories help my treatment what it is today!  God bless those pioneers.

The weather wasn't very accomodating, however.  It thundered and lightning-ed a lot and it was really close.  It postponed the start of the race for a bit but we did get started after all.  I made it 1.5 miles before I gave out and then it poured.  I was glad to be out of the weather.

My friend Marsha was handing out water!  I was glad to see her (for other reasons besides the water!).  We met up with Ashley and Eric and went on to breakfast.

We ate and headed home!

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