Outdoor Fall!

I love decorating for fall. I think it is because I am a November baby that I love seeing the leaves change, the air cool down (or is that because I am 50+?) and wearing corduroy and jeans.

Today I stopped by my favorite Mennonite store and purchased some pumpkins. Shirks had beautiful pumpkins and the not-so-beautiful ones too!   I brought them home in my convertible, with the top down of course, grinning all the way home to do one of my favorite fall things in my now favorite-of-all-time car!

I could barely put them in much less take them out but I was so anxious to get them settled in that I just did it.  I will probably regret that tomorrow but today I love it!

I hope you enjoy the pumpkins and fall decor as much as I do!

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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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