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One Year Ago Today...

I went into the hospital with breast cancer and came out a few hours later cancer free!

As I look back on this journey with cancer, I have come to realize that we all make a mark on this world and that when something like cancer comes along, we rally together to help one another. I am still in shock when I look at the cards, emails, facebook comments, flowers, food, phone calls, visits, gifts, and all the other forms of expression of love and caring that I received during the year....

...and so it continues. Yesterday Lewis and Clark ran a marathon and asked me to walk the first lap with Bob, the superintendent, Cody (the marathon man who convinced me I needed a tattoo) and the sponsors of the event. I received a bouquet of pink roses from Bob, two pink bracelets from students, lunch from the office, a pink wax warmer from the fifth grade teachers, and cards and hugs from the students at school. One student gave me the pink tshirt I am wearing today to celebrate Pink Day and my one year anniversary!

To all of you who have continually loved me through this, I am blessed beyond measure. I thank God daily for each of you.

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  1. What a year you have had!
    I am so happy that your cancer story is one of healing, love and support!

    Becky K.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Terri! It's a beautiful one. You, yourself are a gift and I truly marvel at the way you met this challenge and carried on. You're the star of this show! (I didn't find out until much later what was going on when you stopped by to encourage me because I hadn't had a computer. Hadn't had a computer for cryin' out loud and here you were going on the roller coaster ride of your life.)

  3. Wow, has it really been a year already?! Congratulations! Time really does fly! I will celebrate my 5th year in March. I sooooooo remember those first days for me and you. Scary. But, you're right, the love and support shown is humbling.


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