Busy at work!

This is a busy time of year at work.  We are so involved in data analysis this year.  We have lots of meetings on using data to drive instruction.  It is a slow process but a fulfilling one.

We are also in Year one of PLCs.  Professional Learning Communities.  We are really enjoying the process.  I feel like I am closer to my Leadership Team than ever before.  We have lively discussions on education, which I find stimulating and thought provoking!

Can you find the turkey?  The kindergarteners camoflauged them so look carefully!

We are in our third year of implementing Comprehensive Literacy.  Our third, fourth and fifth grade is fully implemented and are seeing outstanding results. 

The Million Minute Reading Challenge is going WILD!  We have challenged several community groups and they are taking us on!  Our school averages about 35,000 minutes of reading a week.  Our high was 45,000 minutes.

Our Family Literacy Nights are fabulous.  We serve food at each of them which draws a big crowd.  We are having a chili supper in December and Santa is coming to read.  We will have cookies for dessert.

Our PTO is the best around.  We just fnished a Carnival, Extravaganza, and two movie nights.  The movie nights are so popular.  We have one this Friday and the fifth grade is sponsoring it.  I can't wait!

You can see our school is a busy place, and this is only a spattering of the things we do.  I love my work and consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this system!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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