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A Study in Tradition

Bob's family (on the Steffes side) has a Thanksgiving tradition that involves pie.  Specifically, mincemeat pie.  A review of the literature (research!) says that mincemeat pie is an English tradition, which does not jive with Bob's very German family, but it's true nonetheless.

While Bob was growing up, Aunt Lorraine would can jars and jars of mincemeat to be used in pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  When Aunt Lorraine passed away, a few jars of mincemeat remained but no one was worried, as Dianne took over the tradition of making and canning mincemeat.

The Steffes/Fessler crew celebrated Thanksgiving at Dianne and Jim's house this year.  This is the first time in my 33 years of being in the Steffes family that it was somewhere besides Uncle Slim, Uncle Smoky, or Irene's house.  Dianne's home was a wonderful place to hold our dinner.  Perfect for kids and adults alike!

I saw an opportunity to do a photo essay on the making of the Steffes/Fessler mincemeat pie.  Dianne is the pie baker in the photos.

Can't say all the Steffes/Fessler family members love mincemeat.... you can see Donna leaning away and I don't care for it... and very few of the younger generation like it (Eric does!), but as long as there are some around who will eat it, and Dianne is there to make it, I can see this pie remaining as one of the special traditions of the family.
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  1. I remember mincemeat pies from my childhood. Our family didn't make it but we would sample it at friends homes.

    Your family looks like they enjoyed the time together.

  2. I have never had mincemeat pie!! It was a beautiful pie....she does have the touch!! Loved watching it being created!!

    I tried to cyber shop, but the site crashed...and when it was back up and running, I'd already missed what I was after. I HATE Black Friday!! I don't go out mixing with the crowds at the mall, but I find mixing with the cyber-ness of it is equally frustrating!! Guess I'll just stay home and eat leftovers and sulk! :)

    Have a great weekend.

    L, Dana

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Fun post, Terri!

    I'm not crazy about mincemeat pie, but I love the the Steffes/Fessler tradition!:-)

  4. Isn't it wonderful to have a tradition keeper in the family? Diane certainly looks as if she knows what she's doing! And Bob must be pleased that Eric likes this pie as that guarantees that the next generation may, too. So glad that you had a happy holiday, Terri!

  5. Terri, As you know I despise the pie my mother makes. Yet, you did a wonderful job of capturing the process! I will let her know that while you were taking "behind the scene" shots that there were none of her "behind"!! Ha!

  6. I LOVE mincemeat pie ... you can send Ms. Diane out to Oregon to give me a few lessons...Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend!

  7. This is a sweet tradition. I've never had mincemeat but would love to try it. great pictures!


  8. I don't think that I'm a fan of mincemeat, but don't actually know because I'm afraid to try it. It looks disgusting! That crust, though, looks amazing! Could I have a slice with just the crust and the butter???

  9. Well, I've never had a mincemeat pie...ever. Not sure exactly what it is.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was extra special.

    Much love and big hugs,

  10. I remember eating mincemeat pie at my grandma's house when I was little. I don't think I've had a slice for at least 30 years.

    I love traditions and hope this one carries on for your family!

  11. I'm not a fan but I remember one of our neighbors used to adore it so every year I used to make up a batch and bake him several pies. He still talks about them!


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