Easter Treats

I saw these delicious treats for Easter made from jelly beans, cornflakes, karo syrup and butterscotch chips and decided to see what I could do to them to make them a little more healthy.

I decided to make them with Fiber One Original Cereal (it looks like twigs) and peanut butter chips (because of the color). I simply melted the chips in the microwave (1 small bag) and added 2 c of the cereal and mixed them together. I then spooned out the mixture and made little nests. There is about a tablespoon of the mixture altogether. Then I added three mini Cadbury eggs (a small treat for Easter!) using some of the peanut butter to stick them to the nests.

According to the Weight Watchers calculator, these are three points for each nest and eggs.

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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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