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Indiana and Easter

Indiana looks a lot like Missouri, which was very comforting to me when I was thinking about my daughter moving there. We can still talk about the same seasons and weather!

On our way to Bloomington we stopped at Cataract Falls. I didn't find very good directions but we got there... I won't say the number of ill thoughts I had. The falls was gorgeous, even in the pouring rain!





While in Bloomington, we were able to secure the lease on Ashley and Eric's new apartment, see her office and eat in some amazing places. We also went to B Town's wonderful Farmer's Market.






We enjoyed seeing where Ashley is going to work and where they will be living! It makes it so much nicer knowing!

Her office building!


Of course, it wouldn't have been Easter without an egg hunt! This year all the eggs held money!




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  1. Good Morning Terri,

    It is so good to see your beautiful smiling face.
    I love these photos of you...especially that last one with Bob. You look so ready for Spring in the pink and white. Love it!!

    I'm glad you feel good about where Ashley will be. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for her. I know you'll miss having her so close....

  2. Hi sweet friend!

    I haven't been by lately...life has been crazy busy and there's no end in sight since I'll be gone for a long weekend and then my grandchildren (Eric's) will be here next week. Life is good though so I'm not complaining!

    I've enjoyed catching up with you tonight and reading your posts I've missed. I didn't realize Ashley was moving :-( but it looks like she will be in a beautiful place with lots to do.

    BTW...you look mah-ve-lous girlfriend!! How much have you lost?


  3. Terri, oh girl. It is so hard letting go sometimes, isn't it? You look beautiful. Sending you a giant hug!

  4. Your post is chock full of treats! New city, amazing place to spend a work day, living in the midwest, your lovely daughter, and YOU! (men as well)

  5. She's moving? It sure is a beautiful location and I see lots of trips in your future. Loved seeing both of these happy couples. You're looking so great!

  6. Well, it is a beautiful place, Terri! Love that "office building"..what a great spot for one's desk! So glad you guys were able to see for yourselves the new surroundings that will be theirs. I know that makes it a bit easier!

    What a gorgeous MO day!! A little windy, but I'll take it!!

    Have a great weekend! L Dana

  7. You look FANTASTIC Terri!!!!!


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