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The Gobbler's Roost

My PEO sisters and I visited Cottey College in Nevada (Missouri). PEO does a lot of charitable work with Cottey College and we wanted to see where our money goes! We loved our tour and was very impressed with what Cottey offers young women in our state. If you have a daughter who is nearing college age, it is well worth a trip.


Afterwards we treated ourselves to The Gobbler's Roost, a quaint restaurant in the countryside of Nevada. We had a private seating and was served beef tips, fingerling potatoes and asparagus. Dessert was a blueberry crepe. The food was well prepared and well plated. The dinner plate was garnished with lemon sage and the dessert plate was decorated with a marigold.


Not only is the food great, the place was decorated to take advantage of the country atmosphere.  Wild flowers decorated each table.   The main dining room was filled with antiques.  The stained concrete floor was stamped with....turkey prints!



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