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Ice Cream Social

I heard about this wonderful Ice Cream Social (blogger style) from my friends Vee and Pam that I really should have known about since I am a follower of the hostess, Suzy at Kitchen Bouquet. Thank goodness I have a few wonderful ice cream recipes ready to go! I was a participant last year, too, with this dessert I had in St. Louis.

Did you know tomorrow is National Ice Cream Day, too?  According to Wikipedia, in 1984 Ronald Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday in July to be celebrated as National Ice Cream Day!

I am sharing with you today a remarkably easy, tasty frozen concoction that is not only yummy but good for you!

Frozen Banana "Ice Cream"

1 banana, ripe, sliced


Yep, that's it.  Now freeze that sliced banana solid.  Maybe even overnight.  I didn't have to do anything to the slices.  Process the frozen slices until the mixture is creamy.  I scooped out the mixture with my Pampered Chef medium sized baller and placed the scoops on waxed paper and refroze them for a bit (just for the photo) but I would probably just serve it right away.

Things you can do differently:  add 1 T of vanilla flavored yogurt, 1 T vanilla or chocolate soy milk, 1 T fat free Half and Half, etc.  These would add creaminess to the banana but I don't think you need it.  Other recipes I have seen using this method do include some dairy.


You can add in some peaches, blueberries, mini chocolate chips... be as creative as you'd like!

Since you have broken down the fiber some, WW assigns this dessert 1 point. 

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  1. Oh that looks easy, tasty, and healthful!

    Glad that you found your way to Suzy's again. I meet Suzy off and on through the year because we both participate in Mary's (Little Red House) Mosaic Monday. I think I am following over 1000 blogs now and it's impossible to keep up. It truly is.

  2. Yummy! The very first ice cream I made with my new machine was banana-very good:@)

  3. Yum!!! Bananas have the perfect texture for this!!!

  4. Thanks for posting a good recipe that we can all enjoy! I love fruit and keep all kinds on hand! Happy weekend! ♥

  5. We love fruit so this will be great for us.
    xo bj

  6. Sounds very refreshing for summer!

  7. Yummy dessert! Icould really sink my teeth into supporting this holiday!

  8. Looks like a fantastic flavor! This is a great holiday to celebrate!

  9. I think National Ice Cream Day should be a holiday!!! I've been reading all over the blogsphere about this ice cream. I need to give it a try soon!

  10. Very glad you made your way to the social Terri! And you are totally right this is even quicker :-) I remember using this "recipe" in the past when I was dieting. Thanks for the reminder as I need to jump on the bandwagon again especially after this social lol. Thanks for coming and mark it on your calendar because we will be doing it again next year.

  11. Now, this is my kind of recipe!

  12. Terri, will show this to Ron....he is the ice cream king!!!!! Looks so yummy!

    Barb ♥


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