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The Greatest Game in Baseball!

Game 6 of the 2011 World Series!  It is (was) on my bucket list to see a World Series Game preferably one where the Cardinals played and this was the year!   Bob had a ticket to game 2 while he was in St. Louis for a business trip and I bought two for us on a speculation that the Cards would be playing a game 6.

The game was originally set for Wednesday, October 26 but due to some bad weather, the game was postponed for Thursday, October 27.  I was thrilled when my superintendent allowed me to switch my personal days!  Bob and I drove up separately since he had to work on Thursday in St. Louis.  I left school and drove to the hotel, and met Bob.  We jumped into his car and drove to the stadium.  We parked really close and then walked around to enjoy the festivities.  There were bands, vendors, TV stations, the latest two World Series trophies, and the best people watching ever!

We walked into the stadium and looked at the various souvenirs.  We bought a few small Christmas gifts and a couple of gifts for the boys who take care of Wilson and Truman when we are away.  Bob (the smart one when it comes to dressing appropriately) had dressed himself in many layers.  I, on the other hand, had on my short sleeved T shirt and a Mizzou jacket.  Not nearly enough.  By the third inning I was freezing.  Bob went for some hot dogs and came back with a fleece blanket!  I was toasty warm for the rest of the game!

The game was so exciting.... just being around that many Cardinal fans who are so enthusiastic!  It is such a great feeling!  Every time the Cards did something great, we were high fiving all the fans around us.  It was so fun!

The seventh inning was the game changing, Series changing event.  You can read about it in so many venues that I won't go into it here.  I can just say I am so glad that I didn't leave early (who would, considering it was the W O R L D S E R I E S.) and how wonderful it was to see the Cards never give up.  Such a great lesson in perseverence!   

The fact that the game was won in part by a local boy, David Freese.  I love stories like his!

Another bucket list item checked.  A moment of a lifetime that turned into a lifetime memory!

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  1. It's always always fun to get to do things on our bucket list! So glad your time was fun.


  2. And you were there! How exciting! Gotta tell you, Terri, that when you told us that Bob returned with a fleece blanket, I was impressed. Very impressed. What a guy!


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