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Homecoming 2011-100 Years

The University of Missouri is credited with having the first Homecoming in 1911.  This marked the 100th year of Homecoming at MU!  If this isn't enough excitement for the Steffes family, I was invited to ride in the Homecoming Parade this year!


The Mid Missouri affiliate of the Susan G Komen Foundation asked for volunteers to ride in the parade on the Wells Fargo Stagecoach!  This stagecoach is a reconditioned stagecoach, in beautiful condition, pulled by four gorgeous quarter horses.  There was some excitement at the beginning of the parade.  We were told to meet behind the Bengal Bar.  By 8:30 we knew we were in the wrong place.  Finding the right place, however, was not an easy task.  Eventually I found it but I was the only one.  Bob ran all over the parade route looking for the other riders.  He found them one by one and they joined us throughout the parade.  It was awesome.  Bob was the hero!


Being in the parade was quite a unique experience.  This parade is long, and has a beautiful route through the University campus and through the District (Columbia's name for the downtown area).  The crowds were huge.  As we went by the two sets of judges, the announcer described the stagecoach, and then announced our names as breast cancer survivors!  What a surprise!  I saw good friends Susie and Craig Adams, students from school and of course, dear Bob!

When we finished, we all hugged one another, and shared a few moments with the horses who pulled us through the route. 


It is an experience I will never forget. 

I had another neat moment, too.  The district manager of the Wells Fargo branch in Columbia is my good friend Richard Blankenship.  Sharing this moment with him was wonderful!

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  1. Oh wow. What a joyous time...love your skirt, too. And your last post about speaking...I couldn't leave a comment but I wanted to tell you that you are truly an amazing woman.


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