A Month in Review-September

1. Mizzou Tailgate with the dogs.
2. Baby Shower for Jeanne.
3. Bob's smoked meatloaf and brussel sprouts.
4. Cardinals game.
5. A new favorite:  Padavans pizza
6. School days.
7. Sunset at New Town.
8. Mizzou football!!
9. New purse from Bob.
10. Vote for Truman, the best mascot ever!
11. Restaurant week in Saint Charles.
12. Roses, just because.
13. Cardinals and bloody marys, a good combo!
14. Signs of fall at home.
15. Breast cancer awareness at Mizzou.
16. Sunset at New Town Farm.
17. Oliver Winery in Missouri!
18. A little fall decoration at our cottage
19. Our new decal at our school.
20. Our district celebrates our good scores!
21. East Elementary Staff
22. A little fall at our cottage!
23. Celebrating life with mimosas!
24. Me, at school.
25. Brewing storm in Saint Charles.
26. A new, vegetarian diet.
27. Darling Ashley with darling Huxley.
28. Our district mascot, the Wildcat!
29. Working on the dissertation.  Always.
30. Beautiful fall day in New Town.
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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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