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A New Era

After much consideration, I decided that the title of my blog, Lakewood Manor, no longer served me and my family the way it used to do.  Now that we no longer live in the Lakewood subdivision, I can see how limiting the title was to me.  So I have been looking at what might be a name for my blog that would endure the remaining phases of my life.

One of the things I am most definitely sure of is the blessings that God has given me throughout my life.  I was given to the best parents, had the best brother and sister, aunts and uncles and cousins, grandparents, friends, daughter, son-in-law and husband that anyone could wish for.  I have been blessed with the career choice I made, the people that I have worked with and the opportunities that have been given to me.  I am aware of this and extremely grateful for what I have.

I have been guided in my life by the Bible, and many verses and stories have made up how I choose to live my life.  Chapter 9 of Ecclesiastes, where Solomon explains why he is not coming to dinner with his friends, gives a beautiful example of how one should live their lives.  I have included a link to a reference that I love.  I hope you will take the time to read it.

The theme I take away from the chapter is to find joy in everything you do.  Get family and friends together and celebrate your friendship with good food and good wine.  Enjoy God's gifts with the good company of family and friends. Those of us who are married should enjoy the spouse that God has given us.  Love them, serve them, treat them well.  Whatever you take on, do it well.  Seek God today.  Don't put off what you should do today, for no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.  Don't waste your life!

With this being said, the new title of this blog is Our Good Life.  We will live our life to its fullest, thanking God for our blessings along the way, every day.

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  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    That's a great new blog name, Terri. I love it. It really suits you! :)

  2. A terrific new name that will go with you anywhere. I have tried to update your blog on my blogroll to reflect the change and it doesn't change the name. I can do it manually, though, on my good old-fashioned blog roll.

    I read the link and agreed with so much of it. It's a very good word for all of us.

  3. Awww, that didn't work either. You're still Lakewood Manor. I even deleted the old one and added the new...zip.

  4. I love the new name of your blog! Carpe Diem!


  5. I almost didn't recognize you, Terri and it's so good to see you post! I love the name of your new blog and that you are embracing new beginnings! Hope to hear from you more!


  6. Love the new title! So true we should live each day to it's fullest!


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