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A Month in Review-October 2012

I am a bit late in posting this month's review.  No surprise.  Nothing is getting done on time lately.

1.  Ashley and Eric were in Washington, DC.  The White House is lit up in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and they snapped a photo for me!
2.  Rainbow over the New Town Town Hall.
3.  Halloween decorations are up!
4.  Food trucks came to Saint Charles!
5.  Wilson is being cute!
6.  Bob and me.
7.  The dogs getting a blessing!
8.  Mums at Pumpkins Galore.  I thought they were beautiful!
9.  Our cutie patooties!
10.  The NFL supports breast cancer research
11.  Cute sign!
12.  Bob and our granddog
13.  Ashley and Eric
14.  Red maples in New Town
15.  Feeling sick, ice cream is the cure!
16.  Gorgeous!
17.  Rainbow over my school!
18.  Gorgeous sunset near my school.
19.  New Halloween decoration!
20.  Paint New Town Pink!
21.  Beautiful fall in New Town.
22.  Pumpkins everywhere!
23.  Sometimes a girl just needs a good martini.
24.  Ashley's birthday!
25.  Pumpkin carvings at school.
26.  Dinner out with good friends, Ashley and Lynne and met a new friend, Sally!
27.  MU Homecoming, and we really came home!
28. Ducks on the canal.
29.  Fun photography/Breast cancer anniversary!
30.  Pink roses in the fall.
31. Halloween and Truman!!
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