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A Month in Review-November 2012

This month each picture represents something that I am very thankful for in my life.  I know I didn't cover everything I am truly thankful for... aunts, cousins, friends, etc., but this 30 days I focused on what came into my heart on that particular day.  God has blessed me and I am well aware of it. 

1.  My church
2. My husband of 35 years
3.  My daughter and her family
4. My mom
5.  Gary, Joy, Irene 
6.  Living in the USA
7.  My sister
8.  Having a place to call home
9.  Living close to nature
10.  Family traditions that bring us close as families
11. Ashley and Eric's love for each other
12. Veterans that served for us
13.  A job that I love!
14.  Another baby in the family!
15. Our wonderful dogsons
16.  Thinking positively, every day!
17.  Another birthday.  Praise God.
18.  Beautiful Hawaiian sunsets
19.  Time with my hubby!
20.  The chance to make memories with my family
21.  The many opportunities I have for music in my life
22. Having someone to share my life with
23.  Traveling safely across the ocean
24.  Beautiful Missouri!!
25.  Sunsets!
26.  Another baby to join us!
27.  Family dinners
28.  My beautiful new neighborhood
29.  Spending time with friends
30.  Me.

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