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Thoughts of 2012 by Terri

As I reflect on 2012 and what I learned this year, I start to tear up.  I tear up because in a way, it was the end of so many things... our life in Jefferson City andmy principalship in California, but I tear up also because it is proof that God has a plan for me, and even though it may be hard and not what I want to do, God's plan is the exact path I need to follow.

So then I feel so lucky...

Lucky that I landed in Wright City with fellow educators who are passionate about the children they serve.
Lucky that I married a man who understands my whims and fancies.
Lucky to have a daughter and son-in-law that accept my bluntness and actually cherish it.
Lucky to still have my mom and sister active in my life.

Lucky to be surrounded by family who cares deeply about me and thinks that "I am all that *snap*" and more!

Lucky that I have friends from all walks of life who love me the way I am, even when I forget to return calls, am late for dinner and who sends more belated cards that on-time ones!

Lucky that I landed in a neighborhood that I adore, making new friends and starting to feel like its home and not a visitor.

Lucky that I found a PEO and a DAR that fits. (now if I could find a BUNCO group, I will have it made!)

Lucky that I read lots of good books, had lots of wonderful food, made a bit of art, have people who like my Facebook page and blogs, and that I am missed when I don't post.

For all this, and much more, I am truly grateful.

2012 was full of life lessons for me.  Cherish my friends, face the future bravely, trust in God's plans and put family first.  Some of these lessons I had learned before, but the reminder was a gift from God and I happily accept it!  It is not all fun and games in my life, but I will always choose to focus on the positive.  I believe it has made a difference in the quality of life I live. 

Here's to a happy 2013.  Bring on the life lessons, reveal your plan, dear God, I am ready for it!

Enjoy this poster from Anders*Ruff.  It says exactly what I hope for all of you!

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