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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, 2013!

Bob, Ashley and Eric are in the Windy City enjoying the fruits of the ASCD conferences.  As much as I wanted and had planned to go, things at school made me think twice at leaving.  That's ok, I realize that in my position sometimes plans must be changed for the good of the school and students.

Ashley sent me gorgeous pictures of the Chicago River dyed green!  That is an amazing scene and I am glad that the three of them saw it in person!  They said the crazies were out in Chicago, though, so they had a good meal and came back to the hotel.

I celebrated by watching the movie The Life of Timothy Green.  Green, get it??  There's nothing Irish about this movie but I found it fitting!  Loved the movie!

Tonight in celebration I plan to make a boiled dinner of sausage, cabbage and parsnips. 

I am a big fan of cabbage although I do not include it much in my daily meals.  I just recently became a fan of slaw when I realized how many ways you can make it! 

To recreate my Irish dinner.....

2 parsnips, peeled and quartered (potatoes can be used)
1 head of cabbage, cored and chunked
1 coil of Denny Irish sausage, or whatever sausage you like
4 cups of water

Slice or chunk up the sausage.  Add sausage, potatoes and cabbage to gently boiling water.  Cover, boil until potatoes and cabbage are fork tender.  Place potatoes and cabbage on a plate.  Fork smash potatoes and add butter, salt and pepper.  For the cabbage, you can dash on a bit of vinegar, or add butter and salt.  Place some of the sausage on your plate.  I am too American not to have some ketchup or BBQ sauce on it!!  My drink of choice is a good beer, A & W Root beer, that is!

I enjoyed my meal by watching the snowflakes fall on the lake.  Nothing like snow in March, but that's Missouri for you!

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  1. Your dinner looks so delicious! I am glad they saw the river...I want to do it some day. But yes, those crazies are a part of it! Glad they had a good time though!


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