Pinterest Trial: Poached Egg in the Microwave

One of the many items on my list this summer is to give some of my Pinterest pins a trial run.  I pin a lot, probably as much as the average person, but I don't seem to follow up on giving them a try.  I ran across this pin, and decided to try it as it hit two of my lists, the Pinterest list and the Find-a-Fast-but-Not-Fast-Food breakfast.

This pin says you can poach an egg in the microwave in 1 minute, 15 seconds in a cup of water.  Sounds fast, eggs are delish, and if the poached egg is hard enough, then breakfast becomes portable, also a great thing.

I started off with this mug.  I chose this mug because it is cute.  Bad decision.  This cup has a larger surface and took longer to heat, so my 1:15 breakfast turned into 2:00 minutes.  Ok, not horrible, but if you are late, you are late.

 So you crack an egg into the cup of water.  Place it in the microwave 1:15 minutes, as the original pin suggested but then I added an additional 45 seconds because the egg was still raw.  I let mine set for 15 seconds and then scooped it out with a spoon.  I put a second egg in and it cooked faster, in 1 minute.

The last step is to salt and pepper to taste.  Then, enjoy!!

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  1. I'll have to try that! I used to have a little plastic thingie that you could poach 3 eggs at a time in the microwave.


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