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Day 33

Since our last post, the homebuilders have made so much progress!  Here is where we are on Day 33.  The house has four walls, the second story is framed in, windows are in, the back door is in and the fireplace has been framed in.  The porch floor is built and the back side of the house has the roofing plywood done.

Below you can see the dining area.  The kitchen and dining area are combined.  We've had a formal dining room and even though I loved it, it wasn't used except for holidays.  Our first house in Jefferson City had the kitchen/dining area combined and we used it much more.  I chose to have a lot of windows in this area.  The back windows will look into our courtyard, which we have designed and will be beautiful.  The side windows will have views of our side garden and sunsets. 

The fireplace has been framed up.  We have chosen marble to around it and we will sheet rock the top since the TV will be placed above it.  You can see the spaces created by the framing that will be perfect for built in shelving.  We want the shelving and the mantle to be at similar heights.

Here are the first shots of the porch.  We love how deep it is and it will be covered with a roof.  The poles will be replaced with columns like these.  The columns really shape up the craftsman style feel.

The steps going upstairs are going to be covered in carpet.  At Lakewood in Jefferson City, we had hardwood stairs and they were loud!  We have carpeted stairs in our apartment and really like them.  There's Bob, eager to see for the first time what the upstairs is going to look like!

This is my office/blogging room/craft room/guest room.  Doubled the windows in this room for the light when working.  We will set up a hide a bed sofa in this room to be able to accommodate more people. 

This is Ashley and Eric's room.  It has a gorgeous view!  We decided on crank out style windows.  We had these at our apartment in Kirksville and always loved the retro feel of them.  This is designed as a second master suite, with a walk in closet and its own bathroom.  Now Ash can leave her favorite shampoos and soaps, an extra hair dryer, etc, so coming to visit will be a piece of cake!

This is Bob's loft.  It has a 1/2 wall coming up the steps so there is plenty of light, even with just one window.  There will be a loveseat, TV, exercise equipment, and probably all with a sports theme.

To round up the upstairs, there is a hallway bathroom and a laundry room.  Ashley and Eric like to do their laundry before they leave and this will give them that opportunity.  The hallway bathroom will be for other guests when they come.  

It is fun to see it all come together after doing so much planning this past year!  So far we haven't made any changes to our plan.  Bob's OCD thoughtfulness ahead of the game has made that possible!!

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