Day 41

With school starting this week, all I really had time to do was drive by and wave at the workers.  That just means there aren't a lot of pictures, but there were some significant changes this week!

Mainly, the roof!

Roof lines of house and garage

You can really see the pitch of the roof now!
In addition, HVAC was in putting in all the different ducts and vents through the house.  We chose a pretty traditional heating system with a Tyvek house wrap and R30 insulation.  We are using natural gas.  We had an all electric home in Jefferson City, and most of the time that was fine.  There were just a few times when the power was off in the middle of winter that was not fun at all. 

New Town requires a certain shingle and color, so that wasn't an option for us.  It is a architectural fiberglass shingle with a 30 year warranty and that's all I know about that.  I will need to find out the brand name for future reference.

One little thing was bothering me... have you noticed that the door in the garage that leads to the house is so much shorter than the window?  It's been bothering me like crazy.  I went inside the garage and guess what???  They didn't cut the plywood all the way to the top of the door for some reason.  The door and the window will be the same height.  Whew!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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