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Winter Readings

This cold has been unbearable at times but what it does do for me is put me in the mood to be with a book for long periods of time. Sitting in a cozy chair in our new home by the fireplace... just delightful. With school out today, I did finish two books I have started and as I was getting ready to choose a new book to start, I thought of those books that I just love to reread in the winter.

Here are my top four...

The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The bitter cold, mind numbing tasks, low on food, fuel and light... this book has all the spine tingling effects of a crime novel because it is so real. Reading it at five years old or 55 years, still on my list of best reads in the winter.
The book as it appeared in my school's library

While reading this book, I like to eat my mom's potato soup.  Recipe here:  Shirley's Potato Soup

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

This book is set in Alaska and a couple who wants a child so badly and can't, see a Snow Child in their yard one evening.  The book has a fairy tale quality to it and draws you into the couple's fantasy, or is it?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson

It is set in Sweden, full of mystery, cold, dark, crime after crime...

Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

Set in Maine, a melancholy book, but with hopefulness scattered like spring seeds all through the book.  I like that one of the characters is a teacher, too!   Reading this book is delicious with my uncle's vegetable soup:    Amos' Vegetable Soup

I am now reading The Circle by Dave Eggers.  I hear this book will make my winter list.  I hear it described as the 1984 for the dotcom generation.  Maybe I can talk Bob into making his Grandma's Tomato Soup for this one!  Carolyn's Tomato Soup

Even though winter seems long and bitterly cold, enjoy the season for what it does bring you:  cozy times with a good book and a bowl of hot soup!

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  1. Those all sound really wonderful Teri, thanks for the reviews!
    You have a new home? I guess I have a lot of catch up to do around here.
    We were minus 20 with the wind chill this morning...truly a rotten winter.
    Stay warm and cozy,

  2. The Long Winter is my favorite winter time reading! Makes you grateful for your warm house and food!

  3. I agree, there's just something about cold weather that makes me want to curl up with a good book and a cup of something hot in my hand...or a glass of red wine :-)


  4. I love this Terri...books and recipes...can't wait to try the potato soup...I love the Little House books...I read them over and over. Right now I am into a series that is written for young people but the concept is so interesting and the books so imaginative and engaging that I have read the first four in the series and preordered the fifth...I have my grand daughter reading them...The Books of Elsewhere by Jacqualine West...I intend to check on The Snow Child...thanks so much


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