Happy Halloween!

Today the temperature went way down, after having some wonderful fall temps this past week.  The poor trick-or-treaters will be wearing sweaters and leggings under their costumes!

We are ready for our little friends.  We made special baggies for those kids whom we have gotten to know their parents over this past year, who have done favors for us off and on, an who are such wonderful people it gives you hope for the future.  We sure hope they enjoy the treats!

Bob didn't think I purchased enough candy so I made round two this afternoon.  I was able to get chocolate treats for around 19 cents each.  Since we generally give two treats, I felt that 40 cents a trick-or-treater was a reasonable outlay.

As soon as we close the door and turn off the lights, I will be dismantling the Halloween and transitioning to Thanksgiving.  Does anyone else do that?  It's fun to have new decor up and I do save some of my fall stuff for Thanksgiving.

We really don't have a Halloween dinner tradition, in the past we've done pizza, or mummy dogs, or chili. We will have soup and bread tonight.  When Ashley was little we chose between soup and bread and pizza, depending on the amount of time between school and going out.  This year we are having ham and beans and corn muffins.  I was wanting something hearty and this sounded perfect!

I love that Halloween is on a Friday.  We had a fun surprise:  Bob's brother Gary came over to pick up our nephew David at the airport.  After our trick-or-treaters left, we went in to talk and listen to music.  We can take down the lights tomorrow, and throw away our jack o' lanterns.  And thus ends the 2014 Halloween season. 

Bring on Thanksgiving!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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