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Lacy Eggs

Back when my sister and I were little, our mom would make us fried eggs for breakfast.  I can't speak for Tammi, but I loved her fried eggs!  They had crispy brown edges and I really loved them, especially when she would break the yolk, and make them into fried egg sandwiches.  We like ours with white bread and yellow mustard. Delish.

Over time, I was taught that an egg should NOT have those brown edges, and I have mastered the art of making the perfect poached egg, fluffy scrambled eggs, creamy egg quiches and a hard egg without the dark ring.  I love eggs and eat them regularly.

I happened upon the blog The Smitten Kitchen and saw a post for The Crispy Egg and a rush of memories came flooding back, the times when mom was standing at the stove, grease popping and the sound of the egg hitting the hot grease, mom telling us to stand back.  I remember she never had a problem getting the egg out of the skillet either, she had a paper thin metal spatula (that sometimes found our bottoms, too) that would take the egg out of the pan.  She served them on our pretty green melmac dishes.

I decided to try to make some for breakfast and now I am hooked. The lacey brown edges are delicious and the egg yolk is creamy.  Eat with a good piece of toast and you are in heaven.

Lacey Eggs

1-2 eggs, good farm eggs are best
a couple of twirls of oil around the pan
salt and pepper.

Get your skillet out, pour in oil.  Heat the oil.  Crack the eggs and put in skillet, turning heat to medium.  Step back, the egg is going to spatter and hiss all over the place.  The egg whites will bubble up around the yolk.  Don't touch it, let it cook until the whites are opaque.  The bottom will be brown and when you slide the spatula under it, it will come off easily.  Salt and pepper the yolk and eat!  Bliss.

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