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Christmas Lights!


Great lights!  Those starbursts move!

Love seeing Santa on the roof!


It is a tradition in our family to see Christmas tree lights!  It has been a bit more difficult these days to get in all the traditions we had from before and doing all the new things that our new city has to offer.  One of the traditions I try to hold on to is seeing Christmas lights.

Driving around our beloved New Town gave one the opportunity to see both lovely and whimsical lights.  I love a combination of sights, not just elegant, but the tacky and gaudy and the ones that are lovingly placed by amateur hands. I love the blow ups and the mixing of colored lights and white lights.  I love it all.

Come along with me for a tour of the lights of New Town.  Some of my photos did not turn out, so forgive me if your lights are not on my tour!


So elegant!

Whimsical, love the sock monkey!!

Lights move to holiday tunes!

Elegant with touches of whimsy!


Love the mix of color and white lights.

Simple yet powerful

But my favorite lights might just be these simple gas lights that surround our neighborhood.  They have been turned off for years but with the help of Laclede Gas and our city councilman Rod Hermann, they were turned back on this year!  They are elegant and add such a complete holiday atmosphere!  Thank you!

The Charles Dickens type lanterns all through New Town

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