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Let's Get Physical #MakeItHappenBlogHop

Welcome back to the Make It Happen Blog Hop for September.  This month we challenged ourselves to do something physical.  When I was thinking of what I wanted to do, I ran into significant roadblocks, because, personally, I hate all kinds of physical fitness things.  I don't like to walk, run, jog, team sports (except to watch), massage, you name it, I am probably not going to like it!

I thought about trying Cize, the new exercise craze that involves dancing, which is something I do tolerate pretty well.  I love to dance when no one is looking.  I like to dance at weddings when people are usually smashed.  I love to dance in crowded bars when all you are really doing is hopping up and down with the crowd.  So I went to a 5:30 a.m. class.  It was hard, but I liked learning the moves.  I hated getting up that early.  Really hated it.  The Thursday night class didn't work for me, so I didn't go more than once.

By this time I was really worried that I wouldn't find the right challenge.  Then, my friend Mary Francis talked about the time(s) she went to St. Louis F.L.O.A.T.  Her experience sounded amazing and it felt like the right experience for me to try for the Challenge!  My husband came home and told me he had booked this truly cool experience for the both of us, and it was the float!

So what is a FLOAT?  A float is 850 pounds of epsom salts in water (in a pod or a tub) that is so saturated you don't have to fight gravity.  The water literally holds you up.  The temp is 94 degrees, so you don't even feel the water on your skin.  It is essentially noiseless, since your ears are below the water and the tubs are insulated.  You can do the float in darkness and without external noise so your mind is completely free to mull things over without distraction.  Your body rests, de-stresses and detoxes.

When you arrive, you remove your shoes and sit down in a space designed to calm you.  Comfy chairs and sofas, beautiful art and warm music float around you.  The time comes for you to float, you are escorted into your room, where you shower with a fabulous rainshower and special bath products.  You step into the tub, close the door (if you want), turn out the lights (if you want) and float.

My experience wasn't as serene as that.  You might remember that I am a cancer survivor with double implants.  I kept listing to my left and it was distracting.  I don't know why my body was doing that, but it was.  So I sat.  My legs and arms were completely floating on their own!  I was able to relax and I did enjoy the experience.  Afterwards you shower again to remove the salt water and get dressed.  People I talked to as they were coming out seemed to be completely relaxed.  A lot more so than a massage.

The tub is to your left.
The noodle is for your neck.  You can see the water, but I was unable to photograph the entire tub.

I probably won't repeat this experience but I am glad I did it.  I think my husband will give it another try.  His experience was different than mine and I am eager to see if the second trip will surpass the first one.

I encourage anyone who has an opportunity to give it a try.  People float to receive the physical benefits of detoxing, recovery from injuries, eliminate pain and to increase dopamine and endorphins in the body.  Others do it for spiritual reasons or to help them learn something new.

Thanks to the Make It Happen Challenge, I tried something new that I wouldn't have before!

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