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Top Ten Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is being creative with the leftovers!  Do you have a family favorite?  We really don't, because we love to try new things!

Our Top Ten group is focusing and Thanksgiving and Harvest as our Top Ten theme this month.  Go and check out all the participants below for their wonderful contributions.

1.  Turkey Enchiladas.  A very different flavor profile from traditional Thanksgiving makes these an extra tasty treat.


2.  This has ALL the flavor profile of Thanksgiving, but with the goodness of something grilled and yummy...


3.  What a fabulous way to use leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes!  Yummy!


4.  These egg baskets use leftover stuffing for the shell.  I think it sounds like the perfect breakfast for the day after Thanksgiving!


5.  Who doesn't love stromboli?  Using the turkey and additional sauces make this a delicious treat.


6.   I love the creativity of quesadillas.  This one, using the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner, would be a welcome meal in our house.


7.   Everyone has to have a casserole dish that uses Thanksgiving leftovers.  Casseroles are so comforting and if you are a bit sad that Thanksgiving is over, this will relive all those wonderful family moments.


8.  I am a waffle freak!  I make cookies using my waffle iron!  It is awesome!  So adding this one is a no brainer!  Uses leftover stuffing and eggs to make these waffles.  I am going to have to make a lot of stuffing this year!


9.  Turkey pot pies.  Oh yes.  This is a favorite all winter for me.  Cooking a turkey just for the meat isn't possible for us, so twice a year we get to use turkey.  We love these!


and 10.  This is sure to please:  turkey and cranberry pizza.  Everything tastes good on a beautiful pizza crust.  I cannot wait to try this with my family!


Do you have a favorite way to use Thanksgiving leftovers?  Leave me your link in the comment box!  Cannot wait to hear from you creative bloggers!

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