Christmas is for the Dogs

Truman is set for the holidays this year.  He loves the Christmas tree and sits by it every night.  He pushes over a pillow to make a comfy spot and can lay there for hours!

He never bothers the ornaments or pulls on the tree skirt. He is perfectly happy just laying there beside it.  Such a sweet boy.

Wilson loves the fireplace and the bed.  He likes the tree, but he always finds a spot on the bed to take his nap.  Often he drags up an article of clothing to snuggle with!

What the two do agree on is that they love the snacks from!  This month they tried the Bone Marrow treats from Wellness.  These are small, round treats with a meaty marrow on the inside. They really loved getting this as a snack, if their dancing around the treat bowl was any indication!

They are only 5 calories per treat, gluten free, and evidently very tasty.  Wilson is always watching his weight and Truman has some tummy issues, so this was a treat that I was happy to give them!

Thanks to our friends at who send us treats to try.  We rarely come across one we don't like.  That's because knows its pets!

Merry Christmas!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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