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Show Me Your Christmas Tree~St. Charles

This post is part of a series from the Missouri Women Bloggers called "Show Me Your Christmas Tree."  It is my privilege to host such wonderful bloggers from all around the state.  Enjoy your tour and Merry Christmas to all!

We come from all parts of the "Show Me State" and I am so excited to get to work with women as talented as these.  Be sure to check out their beautiful trees through the links below.

Each blog will be showing you their tree, some ornaments, and a decorating hint that might help you with your decorating.  The hint will be in italics and easy for you to find!

My hint:  Set the mood.  Even when you love it as much as I do, the tree decorating is hard work.  Find some good music, have a snack and your favorite beverage nearby.  Take a moment to dance to your favorite tune when it pops up and rest as needed.  

Nostalgia sets in as my husband and I set up our tree this year.  I miss having a little one underfoot while we try to set up the tree.  Tree decorating used to take hours, now it is just the better part of an hour to get the tree decorated from the top to the bottom.

In the past I have decorated as many as thirteen (13) trees in our home.  This year I made a special effort to concentrate the number of trees to four.  Our living tree has nearly 300 ornaments on it, but it is full of love and the memories I have made with special people in my life.  The other trees are a breast cancer tree, my daughters beach tree, and a Mizzou (Missouri) tree.  I have two ceramic trees in my house, one made by my mother in the 1970s and the other purchased at a farmer's market this summer.

I would love to share with you our Living Room Christmas tree.  I love this tree for a variety of reasons.  This is the tree that sums up our 41 years of courtship and marriage.  It tells of friends of present and past, vacations, handmade ornaments by friends and family, anniversary ornaments, ornaments that share memories with my PEO sisters, DAR daughters, my Bunco friends and a special group of ladies I met years ago, all online, through the Gooseberry Patch forums.  I love those ladies like sisters.  For years we have made ornaments for each other and I have them all!  I have ornaments that span the time I taught and all the buildings my husband and I were in as administrators.  This tree represents most of the good times we have shared together over the years.

Although this is just a small representation of the ornaments we have, it does show our span.  Take a look at these special ones on our tree.

1.  My 2016 ornament.  It looks like a marquee sign when it is lit.  So fun!
2.  This actually shows two ornaments, one from my fiesty friend Ashley and one I made my group who share ornaments every year.
3.  An ornament I made in 1977 from a kit I purchased.  I love this little Santa.  You can also see an ornament given to me from my husband when I joined P.E.O.
4.  Our Tenth Anniversary ornament purchased by my husband. You can't see it well, but there is an ornament made by one of the GLU girls.  It is a figgy pudding!
5.  One of the first ornaments we purchased together.
6.  We last went to Disney World in 2000.  We are going again in a week!
7.  This reindeer was made by my grandpa in the 80s.  I adore it.

If you love Christmas trees as much as I do, please go and check all of these wonderful trees our by our Missouri Women Bloggers!  Have a favorite?  Share with me in the comments.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a beautiful tree, Terri! I love that it's filled with so many memories for you! And that's a great tip too ... I definitely had a glass of wine near as I was decorating my tree!

    Thanks for including me in the Christmas tree tour!
    ~Kimberly, Rhubarb and Honey

  2. Thank you for organizing this Christmas tree tour. It's been a lot of fun! I can't believe you decorate so many trees, and that you can do one in an hour! They're beautiful and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Beautiful! I love memory trees! Hope you're having a Merry Christmas!

  4. I cannot thank you enough for the blog. Really thank you! Fantastic.Tree Trimming Round Rock


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