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Panfried Salmon

We love salmon at our house and try to eat it weekly for all the good benefits.  Our favorite way to eat it is panfried, which is simple and easy, and so delicious.

People ask us about whether to buy wild caught or farm raised salmon.  We are big believers in wild caught salmon.  Typically wild caught salmon has less fat than farmed and therefore fewer calories.  Plus we like the idea of our fish having a happy, swimming life!

This isn't a recipe as it is a process.  You will need a 5 oz filet per person.  You'll need a skillet, 2 T olive oil and 1 T butter, salt and pepper, and steak seasoning.   Bring your filets to room temperature.  Salt and pepper the fish on both sides.  Set aside.  Heat your skillet, then add the oil and butter.  Add filets, skin side up.  Cook for about 4 minutes.  Turn with a spatula.  Sprinkle the non skin side with steak seasoning.  Cook until the fish feels firm, another 3 minutes.  Remove with spatula and let rest a minute or two before eating.

That's all there is to this folks.  The salmon should be flaky but inside should be a soft pink.  It shouldn't be dry.  I like mine on the medium side of done.  We do all kinds of things for side dishes, but our favorites are pasta alfredo and asparagus.   Enjoy!

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