A Sentence A Day~ January

It is always wonderful to start a new year and think, I've lived to see another new year in!  As a cancer survivor you learn to take every day as a blessing.  I have loved doing these A Sentence A Day journals.  It is easy for me to summarize my day into one sentence now, and I hope for the future, some grandchild or niece or nephew might find the words interesting.

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January 1.  A beautiful day spent reminiscing of the past year, mostly centering on highlights and with some vacation planning for the future!

January 2.  No school, so we went to a new friend's Open House and met some of her friends, which means our own circle of friendship got even wider!

January 3.  We sold our silver trunk that has been used as our coffee table for the last two years, to make room for the new one coming on Saturday.

January 4.  The first class for my Columbia College class, full of eager new faces for the teacher education program.

January 5.  Working hard on scheduling summer trainings for my principals and thinking how hard it is to imagine summer!

January 6.  A drive into Columbia today to talk to my colleagues about how we can be more supportive to our first year teachers.

January 7.   Our DAR Executive meeting was so much fun, being around women who are happy to live in this beautiful country!

January 8.  A wonderful day eating Cheeseburger Stew, socializing with others on Instagram and making a new friend or two who like to cook as much as I do.

January 9.  I drove to a lovely little school in Cadet (Missouri) to talk about how to make good units of instruction for their staff.

January 10.  Book Club with our New Town friends at the Wine Bar is always so much fun, especially when the book was as good as this one was! 

January 11.  Bob had hernia surgery today and had a great surgeon and staff who were reassuring and kind.

January 12.  I had a lovely breakfast with two of my PEO sisters and one potential member, part of my duties as PEO President of the year.

January 13.  We holed up for the wintery weather that never appeared but it didn't stop us from cuddling on the couch and watching The Crown!

January 14.  We received about 1/4 inch of ice, so I took some photos and took the dogs out to play in it.

January 15.  Bob is still recovering but doing a good job of following my directions!

January 16.  We made a small grocery store run, but I carried all the groceries into the house so Bob would not pull hard on his incision.

January 17.  Both of us are back to work, after our 4 day holiday and Bob's surgery recovery.

January 18.  Spent the evening with one of my idols, Ina Garten, with 1500 of her other fans and loved every minute of it!

January 19.  Talking to a new doctor about a new way of looking at my thyroid health and hoping that what he can do for me will be different that what I have experienced for the last 40 years.

January 20.  Our country is so divided about President Trump, so much so, that I fear that those of us who are family, friends and colleagues will divide amongst each other and then all will be lost.

January 21.  Fantastic evening with friends on a 70 degree day in January, in Missouri, sitting outside by a bonfire, talking about life, loving our friendship.

January 22.  Watched my Green Bay Packers lose mightily today, so no Super Bowl for us.

January 23.  So excited to initiate a new PEO sister into our chapter tonight!

January 24.  Love my quiet Tuesdays at home with my husband, no plans, simple but delicious dinner of roast chicken and time with the TV.

January 25.  I went to a doctor to day to discuss my unhealthy body and decided to learn more about what is going on inside that is keeping me from losing weight and all the other symptoms that I experience.

January 26.  Fasting overnight, giving blood to the tune of five vials plus a urine sample and I do hope this gives the answers to all my issues. 

January 27.  Spent two hours on a machine that can detect different infections in your body, and while I was being tested, I got to take a nice nap!

January 28.  A wonderful date DAY, as planned by husband, included a lovely breakfast at a chocolate bar, lunch at the Curtain Call at The Fox Theater, An American in Paris show, then dinner at the wonderful French restaurant called Brasserie by Niche which was A M A Z I N G.

January 29.  A day to relax after our wonderful Saturday, then preparation for our convention on Monday and Tuesday.

January 30.  First day of our Powerful Learning Conference and wow, it has been a long while since we were both together at a educational conference!

January 31.  We were so fortunate to see such wonderful educators such as Luis Cruz, Beth Houf, Todd Whitaker, and Mike Rutherford, who motivated us to share information with our pre service teachers!

What a month!  Personally and professionally, we have had a lot of wonderful events and moments this January.  If you would like to do a sentence a day journal, let me know!  I would love to read yours!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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