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Garden of Glass #MoBot

Some of you might know how much my husband and I love St. Louis' Botanical Gardens. We decided to become members of the the Gardens last year and it has been a decision that we truly love. We recently attended the Garden of Glass: The Art of Craig Mitchell Smith and it was amazing.  I am going to show you a few highlights,

When you exit the visitor center you will be greeted with music and the opportunity to purchase a drink. Take advantage. I got this yummy Drunken Dragonfly. Super tasty and it kept me cool while walking through the Gardens.

The exhibit is in the Climatron. Remember, this is where the orchids and rain forest type plants are located. So it is humid and a bit warm. Dress accordingly.  When you walk in, you will be greeted by glass immediately, and it sets you up for what you are going to see, amazing works of glass by artist Craig Mitchell Smith.

The artist is a St. Louis resident and was "discovered" by HGTV when they came to do a piece on his beautiful home kitchen.  Trained as a painter, he quickly became enamored with fused glass.  He created techniques to bring life to his work and he surely did.

Let me share a few pieces with you...

This is just a sample of the work that you can see at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. If you are a St. Louis resident, GO. If you are a visitor to the area, GO.  In some cases, it is difficult to believe these are made of glass.

Climatron at night.  Used with permission by Amanda Markel
Our tickets were for the evening.  You can attend during daytime hours, but the lighting at night is special. You can go into the gardens at any time, then go into the Climatron at the time of your ticket. The 8:00 ticket is a good one!  Be sure to take your time and enjoy the show!

The event runs through August 13, so you still have time!  This is a perfect date night, so plan away!

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