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A Sentence A Day~ June 2017

My second year of writing A Sentence A Day journaling as begun!  This second year I have started slowly, as this is the busy time of year for my day job.  Still, it is the best way I can find to keep writing and looking at the way I spend my time.  This year I will try to focus on gratitude in my daily writings. I sincerely believe the road to happiness is being grateful for what you already have.

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June 1. Today we were blessed with June's gifts of both sun and rain, which are helping my garden start to bloom and blossom, hopefully just in time for entry in the garden tour!

June 2.  I am so grateful to be in the presence of so many deep thinking minds who want to do what is best for the beginning teachers here in Missouri.

June 3.  The weekend brings an opportunity to work muscles over with work on perfecting a beautiful garden, getting the last of the plants put in and giving all of them a deep, long drink of water.

June 4.  A well deserved break from hard work, resting, enjoying a good book and sitting in the garden (and privately making a list of all the things I still want to do!)

June 5.  Driving down a foggy, windy Missouri country road, headed to a school to talk with principals on making their craft even better, is blessed with a cup of skinny cocoa from Starbucks!

June 6.  Today's adventure has me driving to Columbia to meet up with my colleagues working on beginning teacher assistance.

June 7.  I have sat patiently in front of my computer, first training principals online, then working on blogging materials, then attending a Council meeting and lastly teaching a college class. 

June 8.  I love driving down country roads, filled with wildflowers, in the hills of Missouri in the early morning hours.

June 9.  I love it when I get a chance to sleep in!

June 10. A very busy day putting the final touches on our fence before the Garden Club comes to tour and thanks to my sister and husband, the fence is done!

June 11.  So hot, but we sat outside, selling tickets to others who like flowers, hardscapes, and backyards as much as we do!

June 12.  It is important to debrief as quickly as you possibly can after an event, so we had our Garden Club meeting tonight, just one day after our tour.

June 13.  My training was in the German town of Hermann today, a town known for its wineries and vineyards, but since I was working, I was not able to enjoy any of their fruits!

June 14.  The pretty town of Washington was were my training was located, with wonderful people and great shopping.

June 15.  Today I sleep.

June 16.  I am so excited to be exploring New York City today with my husband.

June 17.  Last night we saw a wonderful play called Six Degrees of Separation, and it made me wonder if I am only separated by my readers by six people, which is fascinating to think about!

June 18.  I have been married to my best friend for forty years, not all which was easy and fun, but all which were worth those times it wasn't.

June 19.  Leaving the Big Apple and returning to our home.

June 20.  It is nice to come home and get back into the routine of life, including a fun round of bocce ball with my neighbors!

June 21.  I have been sugarfree for four months, and have lost 35 pounds, which makes me so happy!

June 22.  Today was so busy with things for home:  ATT installed a faster internet, my housecleaner came, my jeweler came to show me the ring design, and then we went to dinner and saw The Little Mermaid at the Muny!

June 23.  I have been looking forward to this weekend for a year, as our P.E.O. has been on the planning committee for this year's convention.

June 24.  It is everything I hoped it would be and more!

June 25.  I am starting to wear down, now that the excitement of the convention is winding down to a close.

June 26.  Online trainings for my work are so fun and simple to do and allows me to have time for other fun events, like a Cardinals game.

June 27.  Last night I gave the Report of Convention to my P.E.O. sisters at our annual salad supper and it was fun to share with them the results of our efforts!

June 28.  My first Wednesday in over a month that I could attend my book study with my friends at The Bridge Coffee House and I could feel my soul rejoicing!

June 29.  I spent my afternoon with four first year teachers who were ending their first year of teaching and listening to their action research on their classes, and thinking that our education system is in good hands.

June 30.  The holiday weekend is upon us and the action begins with Movie Night at our Town Amphitheater plus I am bringing my LaLa Land Lemonade (adults only) to share!

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