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3 Reasons Why Getting Involved in DIY Might Improve Your Entire Life 100%

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Usually, people get into DIY because they want to save a bit of money because they feel like dealing with a particular issue in a hurry, or maybe even because they want to feel more “useful.”

What you don’t hear about so often, is people getting involved in DIY because they feel it might improve their entire lives.

All the same, though, there is actually a good argument to be made that getting involved in DIY – and improving your DIY skills – really might improve your entire life.

We live in a time when most of us scarcely need to lift a finger when it comes to repair work around the home. We’re fortunate enough to have services such as thesidingking.com at our disposal so that we keep from having to be completely accountable for everything that might go wrong in the home.

Those services are great. But it’s still well worth your time developing your own DIY skills, too.

Curious to understand the reasoning behind that? Wonder no more. Here are some ways in which DIY might improve your entire life.

By giving you a bit of “solitude”

the author and academic Cal Newport, has recently published a book titled “Digital Minimalism”, that looks at the ways in which we are all perpetually distracted and ruled by our digital devices.

One of the major issues with this – according to Newport – is that being constantly surrounded by digital “noise” means we rarely, if ever, get the chance to experience real solitude.

DIY, on the other hand, certainly does give us the opportunity to experience some “solitude.”

Keep in mind, the type of “solitude” that Newport is referring to is not the same as “being alone.” Rather, “solitude” here refers to us “being alone with our own thoughts”, instead of having information constantly pumped into our minds by other people.

When you are doing some DIY, you can really get in touch with yourself, and balance your own thoughts and emotions. That’s a great thing.

By making you more autonomous and self-sufficient

It seems reasonable to suggest that many people today have a lot of anxiety about their ability to be “self-sufficient.”

Everyone wants to feel like they can handle whatever situation life throws at them, but increasingly, these days, we are less capable on average than in the past, of dealing with our own problems.

Learning DIY skills, and involving yourself in the DIY process, makes you more autonomous and self-sufficient in a real and tangible way. This, in turn, can significantly boost your self-esteem and sense of confidence.

By making you more mindful of your belongings, and environment – and making you more grateful for those things

You know how you tend to treat things with less respect when you haven’t worked for them? Well, something similar might be the case for those items and belongings you have in your home, that you feel no obligation to repair if they break.

Engaging in DIY forces you to deal with the tricky, irritating, complexities of your favorite household appliances and bits of furniture – when they break down.

This, in turn, can prevent you from taking things for granted, and can significantly boost your sense of gratitude for those things.

Gratitude is an incredible antidote to frustration, bitterness, envy, and similar destructive emotions. Anything that increases your sense of gratitude is likely to be good for you.

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  1. I love DIY. It saves me money, and it teaches me new things every time I do it.

  2. I believe DIY is required from time time to be able to avoid over dependence & to learn some new skills.It also, as you rightly mentioned gives us that valuable space to communicate with ourselves.

  3. My husband is extremely DIY (almost too much) but it's saved us a lot of money. I think it's essential to teach kids to become self-sufficient and problem solve.

  4. We recently renovated our bathroom, and I helped with the demo. It was a nice change of pace and pretty therapeutic at the same time!

  5. Awesome points to consider! My husband is a very handy guy and has saved us thousands of dollars by taking on many of our necessary home repairs himself. He really feels accomplished afterwards too!

  6. In this day and age, DIY is the way to go instead of going for mass produced products that don't last. It is also a great way to save the environment.

  7. I also like DIY's. I usually have a project at a time. But sometimes, a very easy project will take a lot of time just because of how my schedule becomes very busy.

  8. I love some DIY once in a while and it makes me happy and gives a satisfaction of knowing that there are some things I don't have to buy or pay the service for, as I can do it myself.

  9. I label myself the diy qweeeen I really enjoy creating something and looking at the outcome give me so much joy! And man I save so much. No joke as a single individual if I always relied on other to do things for me (I’d be broke)!

  10. My husband and I absolutely doing DIY projects. We've learned quite a bit along the way and saved tons of money.

  11. omg yes yes yes. diy projects are so fun and fulfilling, and a great way to personalize everything you own essentially! my bf and i did a lot of diy when we first moved into this house and it's been so much fun.


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