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Vanilla Coffee

Are you ready for winter to go back where it came from?  Whew, we've certainly had a true winter. I love each season as it passes, so I don't wish it away quite yet. I like the saying, "Bloom where you are planted" under these circumstances.  Bloom in the winter in ways you never knew you could!

Vanilla coffee in a french press with sweetened whipped cream.

Ways to Bloom Where You are Planted in the Winter.

1.  Learn about hygge.  It is the art of being cozy and what better time to do that but in the winter?  

2.  Read books!  I have several book suggestions here on the blog, but these three are perfect for winter reading.  Here, Here, and Here.

3.  Bake some delicious treats!  I love to bake, and here are some great recipes that won't blow your diet!  Try This, This and This!

4.  Enjoy some winter sports.  Find an outdoor ice rink, build a snowman, or take a walk in the cold air.  I'm not a big enthusiast of sports, but I do love to breathe in the winter air!

5.  Make yourself a delicious warm drink!  My friends and I are all creating warm drinks for you and here are some of my favorites from this series:

Dirty Earl Gray Tea

S'mores Latte

Mexican Coffee

Malted Hot Chocolate

And, here is my addition to the warm drinks!  Vanilla Coffee!

So you are probably thinking, um, yeah, I can add some vanilla to my coffee, I don't need your guidance on that.  Oh, no, this is much better than that!

Take 4 scoops of coffee beans and 1 vanilla bean.  Run through your coffee grinder.  Yep, grind the vanilla bean right into the coffee.  Brew as usual, (we like to do a French Press) then top with sweetened whipped cream.  It is divine and it might change the way you drink coffee forever!  This will make a full pot of coffee.

Vanilla Coffee with sweetened whipped cream in a french press.

Here are new drink ideas for you from my blogger friends. Drink up and enjoy winter while you can.

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  1. That sounds fully awesome. I don't normally go for flavored coffee. I've always been a straight up black coffee kind of guy. BUT I would definitely give this a try. I think vanilla would be a nice addition.

  2. I like my coffee strong, with warm steaming milk and a dash of brown sugar. The smores latte however looks good.

  3. I'm literally reading this article just before breakfast and realized I haven't had coffee yet! Thank you for the reminder with these delicious-looking cups of Joe!

  4. I've been reading up on Hygge, too! I love the idea. Reading up on it while curled up with a cup of hot tea. ;-)

  5. I love my coffee with cream and muscovado sugar. Sometimes I add a dash of cinnamon too. I am big on coffee, and right now I miss the fresh coffee we enjoyed with the arabica beans sourced from my grandmother's coffee trees in her backyard.

  6. That s'mores latte looks spot on! This post is just what I needed on a cold day!

  7. We keep getting snow but, never enough to go sledding, build a snowman, etc. It stinks because I think if I have to endure the cold, I should get snow with it! lol

  8. I could use a delicious warm drink right about now. It helps me calm down before bed.

  9. I love a good cup of coffee during winter and rainy season time. I prefer vanilla or hazelnut. It really warms me up!

  10. I really like flavored coffee. VAnilla coffee is not an exemption of the ones I usually get.

  11. All of this coffee looks like it would be so amazing. Never been a huge vanilla fan until recently!

  12. All of these coffee beverages look heavenly in winter. I have been a huge fan of vanilla coffee. It really helps me to warm up in the morning.


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