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Thanksgiving Leftovers with Beaujolais

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the leftovers!  We find that we can make some delicious recipes using the Thanksgiving Leftovers as the base for the dish.  When paired with a favorite Beaujolais you will have a delicious meal made just for your re-Thanksgiving enjoyment!  Thank you Cam for hosting us with this delicious pairing of food and Beaujolais with the French Winophiles.  

One of the best ways to serve Beaujolais with Thanksgiving meals is to do a lighter Beaujolais, like from Beaujolais Villages.  These wines can be served slightly chilled with cold turkey or chicken. What a beautiful pairing with good bread.  

I chose this Beaujolais to serve with my Thanksgiving leftovers: 2021 Jean-Claude Debeaune Special Selection Beaujolais Villages. I chose it because it is a red that you can serve slightly chilled, it's ready to drink now, full of dark cherry. It has a nice layer of tannins, juicy with fruit, and feels dense due to the high alcohol content. 

I would serve it with the recipes below:

and another one...
Here are others who are participating in the #winophiles event this month!

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  1. Terri. You had me at pumpkin and bacon. I can't wait to try that. I have some new bacon from a local butcher that a friend just gave me!

  2. Perfect timing and some great pairing ideas for Beaujolais!


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