15 May 2010

Saturday Night (Fever)

Coming down with a late spring cold... small temp and a nagging cough. Yuck.

On the bright side, though, Bob and I went to our favorite Farmers Market today and got some asparagus, baby carrots, bread, goat cheese, trout filets and whole chickens. I also bought the cutest quilted wall hanging for school! I think walking around in the rain probably wasn't the smartest thing I did today!

Isn't this the cutest name for a booth??

Ashley was released from the hospital today and is in good spirits and feeling alright! She's tired, but we think that the antibiotics are responsible for that.

Tomorrow we are all planning our Disney World trip together! Won't that be fun!


  1. I am definitely ready for a trip to a farmers mkt. I was just thinking today, those Calhoun (IL) peaches will be ready in another month. Yum!

    Feel better Terri. Enjoy planning the Disney trip.

  2. Where was this market at? JC?

  3. Please take care of yourself. There are a lot of us struggling with this and it is often going into bronchitis and pneumonia.

    So happy that Ashley's hospital stay was shorter this time.

  4. Spring colds...yuk!

  5. Hey Miss Terri,

    I have an AZ postcard with your name on it. :)

    Send me your address.



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