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Relay for Life Pampered Chef Party

What an awesome time!!

Amie fixed us a pork roast salad that was amazing. First she seasoned a pork loin with the PC's Smoky BBQ rub. She cooked the pork loin in the PC roaster in the microwave until it was at 160 degrees. Amie and Bob decided to race to see which thermometer worked the best. PC won! Then Amie demonstrated several different products for us. She made the salad using lettuce mix, a cup of thawed frozen corn, two cups of cole slaw mix, a red onion chopped, and then she sliced up the pork loin. The dressing was a cup of Ranch dressing with some of the rub mixed in.


For dessert she made up a chocolate cake mix... you know what? I am going to leave that a secret for those of us who were at the party. Let me just say... it was heaven!!

David and Jeanne came!  David had RSVP'd a "maybe" but since he is in NEBRASKA I thought he was just being a goof and then they really came!!

We raised over a hundred dollars for Relay! Thank you all so much!!

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