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Our summer goal....

Missouri eggs, Missouri bread and Missouri goat cheese and dill from my own herb garden.

Bob and I have a goal to eat only food that is grown or produced within a 100 miles of our home when we eat at home. Between the Columbia Farmers' Market and the Jefferson City Farmers' Market we hope to be able to reach this goal. We are growing some of our own vegetables: carrots, parsnips, spinach and squash from seed, and then we have purchased tomatoes, red peppers, zucchini and cucumber plants. We realize that we may have some trouble with things like seafood and citrus fruits but if it isn't grown or made here in Missouri, we may make an exception or two!

We had a blast at the Farmers Market in Columbia yesterday. We purchased Missouri beef and pork plus some asparagus and greens. We also got bread and eggs and goat cheese. That will make up the meals we are having at home this week.

Anyone else trying a similar plan?

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