Zonta 2010

My good friends Ashley and Charlotte went with my Ashley and me to the Zonta Yellow Rose luncheon on Tuesday. I got to see one of my parents accept one of the Zonta scholarships. Her recording was so awesome. Congratulations sweet Ra Vae!

Patricia Miller, one of the co-founders of Vera Bradley, was the guest speaker! She was beautiful, funny, articulate and amazing. She started Vera Bradley with her co-founder with $500! The company is named for her co-founder's mother, who happens to be from St. Louis.

Some of the tables were covered with the 2009 breast cancer fabric. Each of us got a Vera Bradley wallet. I was so excited!

Lunch was a crab salad in a bread bowl on top of greens, cheese tortellini, grapes and sliced almonds. Dessert was cheesecake.

And, the best thing.... I won the Southbank Gift Company door prize!! The prize was flip flops, a beach bag and a beach towel in the 2010 Vera Bradley breast cancer fabric. Woo Hoo!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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