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Engagement Photo!

Ashley and Eric have not had time to actually go to their photographer and have their engagement photos taken so I took a picture from LAST Christmas and with the help of my wonderful friend/sister Judy, changed it to this cute black and white photo. I love how happy they look and how Ashley fits right into his arms.

Bob's uncle, Virgil, passed away on Friday. This week will start off with traveling to Macon to the visitation on Monday and back to Macon on Tuesday for the funeral. His family and friends called him Slim, because, yep, he was slim. For years he ran a John Deere implement store but he has been retired for quite a while.

Ashley designed and staged a fashion show for the local bridal extravaganza which is being held today. Hopefully some photos will be shared later!

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  1. That is indeed a beautiful photo of them! Sometimes a black & white photo can be more striking than a coloured one!! I'm so sorry to hear about Bob's uncle's passing...my sympathies to the family. I look forward to seeing some photos from Ashley's fashion show!! xox

  2. Anonymous10:28 PM

    love the photo! Ashley may get lost in those big hunky arms hehe. They are such a cute couple.

  3. I'm always happy to help a friend! I hope Ashley and Eric like the end result!

  4. Anonymous12:39 PM

    What a beautiful couple!

    My condolances to your Husband for his Uncle "Slim".

  5. What a great picture!
    I love your blog :) I'll be checking in often.

  6. You have been missed over the weekend.

    My sympathies you and your family.

    The pictureof Ashley and Eric is great! They look so happy.
    Becky K.

  7. What a beautiful photo of your daughter and future son in law. And I am sorry of the passing of Bob's uncle. Take care.

  8. What a fab photo of Ashley & Eric. SO sorry to hear about Bob's Uncle ~ will keep everyone in my prayers.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Sandy :)

  9. They are such a cute couple!
    So sorry to hear about Uncle Virgil...

  10. I love black and white photos...I think everyone should have a sepia tone photo, too...now do it in Sepia and let us see how that looks...

  11. What a beautiful picture. Nothing is more wonderful than portraits in B?W or sepia. Just makes them so elegant and timeless.
    I am so sorry to hear about Bob's uncle. Prayers go out to all your family.

    Love and hugs,

  12. They are such a good looking couple. I love the black and white.


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