Kitchen Duty!

I was hanging out with Bj over at Sweet Nothings and she was talking about her kitchen. She has the sweetest kitchen, which she has posted about before. Well, actually she had posted about her favorite spaces on Rate my Space.

Kitchens are such an interesting thing. They are where your friends want to hang out and talk to you when you have them over. I haven't ever figured that out, when there is a perfectly good living room just steps away!

Bob loves to cook, which I am sure I have told you once or twice. He gets very territorial about the kitchen and it makes you not want to be around. He snaps at you and generally behaves like those ill tempered chefs you see from time to time on tv. Yet, I will find myself wandering in there to see what he has going on... taking the risk he won't snap at me like a river turtle!

I decorated my kitchen because at the time I was the main source of cooking. I think Bob likes it. He indulged me when I wanted a red countertop and it is one thing I do not regret. I love it. It sings to me while I cook!

I also love my undivided sink. We bake lots of cookies and I wanted a sink that could hold a cookie sheet flat. This one does it!

Our appliances don't match... our stove/refrig is white and our dishwasher/microwave is black. I would love to have all black but the refrig and stove are only 3 years old! So if anything gets replaced, it will be the others.

The cork bulletin board was made by me. Those are corks from bottles that Bob and I have enjoyed over the years. I have since made a cork wreath as well that hangs in the kitchen!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the kitchen. I enjoyed showing it to you!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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