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Five Weird or Random things about MOI!

Kat, from Justabeachkat, tagged me for this Meme! These are always fun but I am always a little paranoid people will say, "oh, a, let's take her off the old blog favorite list" if you get to know me too well!

1. I could do a beautiful swan dive off the high dive at Walt Disney Swimming pool.

2. I was a majorette, a cheerleader and on the dance squad in HS.

3. I can drink a gallon of milk by myself in 2 days.

4. I hate coffee but love the way it smells.

5. I used to tell people I was an only child.

Link to the tagger and post these rules on your blog. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Let me tag the following (because I think they are as strange as me--


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  1. Hey, I love the smell of chili and sausage but you won't ever catch me actually eating either of them!

    Your list wasn't too horribly shocking...think I'll keep you on my blog roll for a while longer. lol


  2. Milk! Love it!
    The prices are atrocious, though!

    That was a fun list on things about you...why the only child thing? Wishful thinking?
    Becky K.

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    That is funny about telling people you were an only child! Were you disowning some siblings?
    Good luck with the reorganizing!

  4. You drink milk? You don't like coffee. Well, well, well, you know what that means, don't you?...gotta remove you from my blogroll...too weird! LOL


  5. An only child, huh? LOL

  6. I love to smell coffee too but don't drink it. Nice learning new things about you.

  7. I love...chocolate milk!!!! I can drink it by the glassfull any time of the day :o) I love the smell of coffee too but can't stand the taste of it no matter how many times I try it. Loved reading your interesting tidbits! Don't worry your still on my blog roll ;o)

    PS. I'm off to make my list of five werid random things!Thanks for taggin me!

  8. Well I finished my tag! Come over and take a peek! Thanks again!

  9. Well I finished my tag! Come over and take a peek! Thanks again!

  10. An only child?? ..and you're not right?? LOL
    I love milk too....skim please!

  11. Ok...I loved this...especially the "only" child thing...I wish I had thought of that while I was growing up! LOL...

    Don't tell anyone but I used to have an imaginary dog...I know...crazy...Right? It was because I wanted a poodle so badly and my parents wouldn't get one for me...they gave my brother a Collie...but I guess they loved him more...HA! So I just invented a poodle of my very own...of course her name was "FiFi"....if you're going to have an imaginary dog...it better have a great imaginary name.


  12. Hmmm...no coffee? That is it. Off the blog list. Hmpf. *grin* But I do not drink it either! LOVE the smell and it always reminds me of home...but do not serve it to me please!
    I love milk to. There are just some foods that require milk along with them!

    Only child...hmmm...I was one for almost 11 years. I was so thrilled to have a little brother but that thrill has often been dimmed! Whew. Little brothers! Sheesh!

    Now, am *I* the Susie who is weird like you? Am I huh? Am I? Huh?

    I do not know why you think I like lists but I could do it if you want me too....and IF I am the weird Susie....


  13. Oh, I guess your still a keeper, Terri! I enjoyed your list!


  14. How funny are you! An only child...I always wished I was an only child at times...but the siblings always thumped that notion out of me!
    Very nice post...

  15. Anonymous12:56 PM

    The only child thing is funny - you'll have to explain that!


  16. Anonymous2:24 PM

    You drink a gallon of milk by yourself in two days?

    That's it, you are too weird for my blog roll...I'm marking you off!
    ((((yust yokin'!!)))

    You are too cute! Loved all the facts about ya!

    If I'm the Tammy you tagged I've already done mine...this week as a matter of fact.

  17. Hi Terri,

    E-mail me at jtubb@blomand.net about your daughter's wedding.

    Thanks for my blog comment.

    Joy Tubb

  18. Hi there,

    I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it as well as your list of 5 weird or random things! I too love the smell of coffee, but...I love the taste just as much!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  19. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Oh, those are cute random things about you. :) Hope you are staying warm these days. Still recovering from my icy drive through the west. :)

  20. Many of you asked about the "only child" thing... I am the oldest of three. As younger siblings go, they weren't too bad, at least in retrospect, but in the day I was mortified by their actions from time to time!

  21. I love finding out personal things about you!!
    Glad to know I'm not the only quirky one out there!!!


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