The Fun Times Keep on Coming!

We met up with Ashley and Eric at a Columbia establishment called the Billiards. It is true to its name... there are several pool tables set up. Eric has said that they serve the best burgers in town and so I have wanted to try it and see. Well, the food was fabulous but I had the best time playing pool!

I was not disappointed with the food! The burger was great and the fries were a nice bonus! They even had sweet potato fries with a dipping sauce made from sour cream, dill and garlic.

Going down memory lane a little bit... Bob's dad, Jake and his Uncle Amos used to play pool a lot. In fact, Jake taught me how to play. They had a pool table in their family room downstairs. We used to play a lot of pool down there!

Ashley wasn't thrilled about playing but we showed her some tricks for holding her cue stick and told her stories about Jake and Amos. She actually got more balls in the pocket than I did. I think her geometry genius was kicking in.

After wards we did some shopping at the mall and other stores in town. Bob and I went to the matinee to see Avatar. I loved it.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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