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Buying a "New (to me) Car"

I drive a Honda CR-V and love it. It is so reliable and functional. I bought it new from Reagan Honda in 2004 and have put 115,000 miles on it driving it to and from work and on various vacations. For awhile now I have been wanting a different car, something that will be fun to drive to and from work. I commute 30 miles one way and since I spend about an hour in the car a day, I wanted to really enjoy the experience!
I started out by searching the internet. Just spent some time looking here and there for various cars.  I did a little looking in town and when Bob and Ashley went to St. Louis for a doctor's appointment, I had them look at a couple of cars there as well.

Nothing was really catching my eye.  I started watching every car I saw on the highway and when one caught my eye, I'd look to see what it was.  I started noticing that I really liked Chryslers.  So I started to focus my research on Chrysler products and discovered the Sebring and it was  LOVE!!  I found three in the immediate area and made plans to test drive them on Friday.

I drove a white one with a hard top that was really pretty at Capital City Nissan.  I then went to Auffenberg Motors and drove a pretty gray one.  I loved the ride!  I had one more to check out in Columbia at Joe Machens Toyota.  Bob and Ashley scouted it out for me while I was in class.  Ashley took photos for me and I could tell I needed to see it.

After class I drove into Columbia to meet the crew at JM Toyota.  The car was in the back, with the top up.  I loved the color and the black top.  My salesman, George, put the top down and inside was gorgeous!  So much prettier than the other interiors plus had a warranty, Sirius radio, Bluetooth, and was a year newer than the other two I drove on Friday!  Plus.... it was RED!

We made the deal on Saturday (today!) and I am to  pick it up on Monday.  I am excited to own my first convertible!

PS... My salesman at Capital City Nissan sent me a nasty text when I told him I had made a deal at JM Toyota.  After I thanked him for his work in helping me,  he responded with, "Thank you.... for nothing."  He went on to ridicule me for not buying local.  I do buy local, when my local dealers have what I want.  This time that didn't happen.  Just wanted you to know that it really is "buyer beware" out there... beware of rude salespeople!

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